Hi. I'm Nitramak.

I'm 15 years old guy from Europe who loves coding. I focus on coding websites and web applications. For more info about me and my projects, just scroll down the page.

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My knowledge

mainly focused on web development


PHP (object oriented/functional), MySQL, Node.js basics


HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, basics of CSS and BootStrap


I'm able to manage average Debian/Ubuntu server without any problems

My projects


This website allows you to fastly share screens only by pressing PrintScreen and then CTRL+V. It also serves as an URL shortener.

Tools page - under development

Here you can find many usefull tools like Color Picker, Minecraft PHP query, Password generator and so on.
In the near future, I want to invent this page and make it even more usefull and user-friendly.

Project for SG Network

It is still under development, and nobody has to know about it, but at the end, it will be a very usefull project, and I hope you'll like it :D This project is currently my main job on SG Network.

Huge Hosting Project

I hope that I'll not be too lazy to finish this project, but in case that I'll not be, it'll be my greatest project so far.

Custom websites

Also I have many smaller project, such as personal websites for self-presentation, websites for MC servers, based on NamelessMC framevork, and much more. If you want me to create something for you, you can contact me in the contact section at the bottom of the page.

Contact me

Do you have any question or request? Feel free to contact me using the form below.
You can also contact me via e-mail (nitramak@volny.cz).

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